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Explore : Cheddar Gorge

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Working with clients takes you places in the Country where you wouldn't normally be, so this week after finishing working with a client in Bristol, I got to take a little hike up the back of Cheddar Gorge on a moody misty January afternoon.

I choose to hike up the back of the gorge via the path from the Black Rock car park on Cliff Road (B3135), managing to clock up over 10,000 steps & I didn't fall over once! But beware... it is a little slippery at the moment!

The light drizzle soon turned into rain & the soaking began.

My hiking companions were a couple of solitary sheep, a friendly chatty dog walker & a lone hiker also taking in the moody views, all of which were dressed in more weather appropriate gear than I was! (Including the sheep!)

The sheep wanted nothing to do with - they were head down & eating. If i got too close, they would simply turn around and show me their behinds!

These moody January views make a change to September's blue sky and sunshine views.

Cheddar Gorge, Tier 3, Jan 2021

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