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Quarantine : Cornwall

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Quarantine, lockdown, cornwall, st agnes
Peope maintaining social distancing in St Agnes

Did you ever think you would be under Quarantine? We have consumed so much movie content over the years where Hollywood showed us what they think would happen...

Then boom, it happens and we didn't see it coming.

However, now it’s here we have to wonder... are we a carrier? Have we had the virus? Have our family members got the virus?

There is so much going on across our communities and within industry and business on top of all the personal impacts that we and our families may stress and worry about. Unfortunately, we are not the only ones, the whole world is dealing with the same problems. 

porthtowan, empty car park, lockdown, quarantine, cornwall,
Empty car park views in Porthtowan

As a photographer I wonder if I should go out & shoot this new landscape as a way of documenting this global experience.  A dilemma every photographer is probably facing in a time where we should be staying home & following guidelines, but our drive in all aspects of life is to throw ourselves into new places, experiences and situations to document and record what we see.

empty views, quarantine, lockdown, porthtowan
An empty beach road in Porthtowan

I was unwell right at the beginning and self isolated earlier than required as it seemed the sensible thing to so, but since I’m now fit and healthy I have ventured out to see how this quarantine is effecting the local village life here on the North shore of Cornwall and recording how things are changing, whether that be peoples habits or the views of where we live.

lockdown, quarantine, empty car parks , cornwall, st agnes
Rare sights in Trevaunance Cove in St Agnes, an empty car park.

Everyone’s priority is protecting their family, hoping other people adhere to rules & guidelines. Each one of us is looking for this to end, but taking it day by day while it’s our new normal. Checking in with good friends on video calls, whether they are down the road, the next village or in another time zone is an important way for us to stay connected in a time where our human connections have been challenged. I hope that the images I capture can also help us feel connected to life outside of our homes and the landscapes that we usually roam freely and joyously. 

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